Friday, March 28, 2014

Budget Rumors Suggest at Least One Victory

The big deal this past week was our advocacy around the education tax credit mentioned last blog. On Monday, we had a large press conference with representatives speaking from the League, NYCLU, unions, and education advocates.  See more on the issue and press conference, here, here, and here.  Our efforts on Monday brought visibility to this issue and bolstered Assembly Speaker Silver’s (who has never liked the bill) position on it in budget negotiations.  Now that this issue is more visible, we hope it has collapsed under its own revenue weight.   Although we have not yet seen the final budget bill, media is reporting that this tax credit is no longer in it - Thank you to all our members who called the Governor and the Assembly this week to fight for our public schools!

Our advocacy continues full blown on campaign finance reform and we feel strongly that this budget is our best opportunity to get it passed this session.   We hold out hope that our elected officials will do the right thing and put comprehensive reform in the budget.  As I write, we are waiting for a final budget agreement, which must be completed by midnight Friday to allow for printing and the 3-day bill aging period for an on time budget on Monday.  We anticipate the budget will be debated all day Monday. Legislators have already left Albany, so final negotiations are left, unsurprisingly, to four men in a room.

On Monday, look to your local cable stations for debate on the budget bill or stream here and here.

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