Monday, June 15, 2015

The Week That Was The Prison Break

    The last two weeks of session are usually marked by a steady stream of leaders meeting with the Speaker and Majority leader marching up and down from the third floor to the second floor meeting with the Governor.  This week because of the prison break in upstate New York, the Governor was in Albany only sporadically and so the negotiations on the big issues at the end of sessions languished and members went home yesterday with little settled.

   The League has been busy, however, tracking issues of importance to our members.  Our intensive lobbying efforts have been to stop the education tax credit legislation and so spent time doing press work and face to face lobbying.  We also spent time watching the "off the floor" committee meetings where often bad legislation pops up at this time in session.

   Next week is slated to be the last week of session and the rent laws expire night. It should be an interesting end to a VERY interesting session, stay tuned!

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